Grassley ranks as ‘most effective lawmaker’ in U.S. Senate

WASHINGTON — Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, earned the top spot as the “most effective lawmaker” in the U.S. Senate for the 115th Congress, according to a nonpartisan analysis conducted by the Center for Effective Lawmaking.

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Senator Grassley is working as hard as ever to represent Iowans in the United States Senate. He is the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, where he leads the effort to reduce prescription drug prices, hold Big Tech accountable for unconstitutional censorship, protect the Second Amendment and hold the line on efforts to pack the U.S. Supreme Court. A taxpayer watchdog, Grassley fights wasteful spending and holds senior positions on the Senate Finance, Budget and Agriculture Committees, leveraging these influential platforms to champion issues affecting Rural America, from health care to renewable energy and agriculture. In January, Senator Grassley started his 41st consecutive year holding meetings with Iowans at least once every year in each of Iowa’s 99 counties. Thanks for your continued support. Keep in touch!

Column: A farmer's work ethic in Washington

By Rep. Randy Feenstra (IA-04) | Carroll Times Herald

Agricultural production is the backbone of Iowa’s economy. The 4th District is in the top three when it comes to livestock, crops, ethanol, and overall ag production, so I know how important our ag producers are to our state. I also see how little Washington, D.C., appreciates what it takes for producers to put food on America’s tables. Fortunately, Iowa has another fierce advocate for farm families in the nation’s capital. He’s a lifelong family farmer himself, Senator Chuck Grassley.

As one of only two active farmers in the U.S. Senate, Chuck Grassley understands the life of the family farmer because he lives it. And he brings that farmer’s work ethic to Washington. He’s at the office each day before the sun comes up and works until the cows come home, fighting for the Heartland.

Years of experience raising corn and soybeans in Butler County and writing farm, tax and trade laws in the U.S. Senate have yielded big wins for Iowa’s ag economy.

There is no stronger, more experienced advocate for biofuels in the Senate. Chuck Grassley is a perennial thorn in the side of deep pocketed oil lobbyists who seek to shrink market share for Iowa biofuels. He’s taken both Republican and Democrat administrations to task to defend biofuels — even bringing the heat at 4 a.m., when a fellow senator tried to cheat biofuels producers to boost Big Oil. His work to promote markets for Iowa’s biofuels earned him a lifetime achievement award.

He’s also worked to open up new international markets for Iowa’s many other ag products by leading various trade agreements through the Senate, like the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, and calling out other countries that attempt to block Iowa’s goods. As a former chairman and senior member of the Senate Finance Committee, Chuck Grassley continues to be a leader in promoting trade opportunities for Iowa’s world class ag products.

Fair market access for independent beef producers is quickly becoming a serious domestic challenge, and of course, Chuck Grassley wasted no time getting to work. He used his clout as a respected member of the Senate Agriculture Committee and top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee to push for hearings, even bringing in executives from the nation’s largest meatpackers to shine a light on anticompetitive practices that sideline independent cattle producers.

Whether it be trade wars, anticompetitive practices, natural disasters or other outside forces, family farmers constantly face challenges that have a unique and profound impact on their livelihoods. Through it all, Chuck Grassley always has our backs. Take last year’s derecho, for example. When House Democrats blocked my bill that would deliver the same aid to affected farmers that’s available to other businesses impacted by natural disasters, Chuck Grassley picked up the cause in the Senate. I’m proud to say that our teamwork is getting us closer to delivering the assistance that Iowa farm families deserve.

When the going gets tough and families fall on hard times, Chuck Grassley’s decades of service ensure that Iowa’s family farms have the tools they need to get help and get back on their feet. When America’s farmers and ranchers faced a particularly difficult stretch in the 1980s, Chuck Grassley wrote Chapter 12 in the federal bankruptcy code, designed specifically for farm operations, so they could reorganize and return to farming without selling off all of their land and equipment to meet debt obligations. As farm families have again fallen on hard times in recent years, Chuck Grassley worked to pass an update to the law to recognize the appreciation in land and input costs and passed a law that expands mental health resources for folks struggling to cope with the stresses of farming.

Chuck Grassley’s institutional knowledge and dirt under his fingernails from working on his own family farm give Iowa farmers a big voice at the policymaking table. As Democrats in Congress look to raise revenue to pay for their costly big government programs, family farmers find themselves in the crosshairs. Whether it’s the death tax or repealing stepped up basis, Chuck Grassley continues to fight schemes that would saddle farmers with unnecessary and unfair taxes. These shenanigans are nothing new. When the Biden administration tried to revive a failed policy from the 1970s, Chuck Grassley delivered a swift reminder about the perils of the plan.

When you put in a farmer’s hours for decades in Washington, you accumulate a long list of accomplishments — not just for farmers, but for all Iowans. Chuck Grassley has earned respect on both sides of the aisle, making him one of the most effective lawmakers in the country. He’s the U.S. Senator Iowans, especially farmers, need in their corner for years to come.

Returning Chuck Grassley to the U.S. Senate is the best thing that could happen for Iowa farmers and our state’s farm economy. I endorse Chuck Grassley for re-election.


Trump Endorses Grassley for Re-Election at Des Moines Rally

Trump: “This is Chuck Grassley’s Night”
“A Man Who Truly Loves Iowa”
“He’s Tough”

"A Great American Patriot"
Trump Praises Grassley on Military, Veterans, Second Amendment, USMCA, Federal Judiciary, SCOTUS, Ethanol 

DES MOINES—President Donald Trump endorsed Sen. Chuck Grassley for re-election to the United States Senate during a rally in Des Moines. Grassley attended the rally with several other Iowa Republican officials and praised Trump’s leadership on transforming the judiciary, lowering taxes, securing the border, championing agriculture, ending government regulations and growing the economy. Grassley blasted President Biden’s handling of the border, economy, inflation, taxes, spending, Afghanistan and gasoline prices.

“I’m thrilled to announce tonight that Senator Chuck Grassley has my complete and total endorsement for re-election,” President Trump said.
Grassley was key to many of Trump’s successes as president, including confirming Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to lifetime appointments on the Supreme Court and legislative victories from the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) to historic tax reform that unleashed the best economy in more than fifty years.
VIDEO: Grassley Endorsed by President Trump
VIDEO: Grassley's Full Remarks


Sen. Chuck Grassley: Why I’m running

I run most mornings at 4 a.m. so I thought that was a fitting time to announce I’m running for re-election to the U.S. Senate. Just like every other day, I got to work. I hit the road to meet with Iowans in Marion, Davenport, Dyersville and Waterloo. I held Q & with local law enforcement about keeping our communities safe, talked with seniors and medical professionals about the cost of prescription drugs and discussed ways to boost economic vitality and grow Iowa’s workforce with residents at a local Dairy Queen. I wrapped up the day meeting with farmers and families at the fairgrounds here in Waterloo for the 111th anniversary celebration of the National Cattle Congress.

Putting in 12-hour days is a way of life for Iowa farmers. That’s how I’ve always approached my job representing the people of Iowa. It stems from the Iowa work ethic that helped me hold down three jobs to provide for our young family. Barbara and I share this life lesson with our kids and grandkids. You get out what you put in. A strong work ethic keeps me effective for Iowans.

It’s a privilege to serve Iowans in the U.S. Senate. I don’t take this tremendous responsibility for granted. That’s why I’ve worked hard to keep in touch with Iowans and make the government work for you, not the other way around. This year, I completed my 41st consecutive year holding my 99 county meetings. It’s a formidable task to visit every county, every year, especially because I prioritize my work on Iowans’ behalf in the U.S. Senate. There, I hold the best attendance record and longest consecutive voting streaking in Senate history. The feedback I get from Iowans energizes my determination to solve problems and be a champion for Rural America.

Government dependency is antithetical to our way of life.

My commitment to bring Iowa common sense to the policymaking tables in Washington, D.C. has intensified over the years. Especially in these uncertain times, the stakes are higher than ever to expand opportunity and prosperity for generations to come.

The Democrat triumvirate in Washington thinks government knows best. Biden-Schumer-Pelosi want to tax more, spend more and borrow more to expand the scope of government. They want Uncle Sam to reach deeper into personal savings, paychecks and investments to create a cradle-to-grave entitlement state that dictates Americans’ lives and livelihoods.

Government dependency is antithetical to our way of life. America is a nation founded upon principles of tax fairness, freedom from tyranny, religious liberty and opportunity to provide for their families, build a business and grow strong communities.

I work tirelessly to earn the public trust and use my seniority and key committee assignments to benefit our state. As a champion for Rural America, I’ve worked to ensure Middle America doesn’t get left behind during international trade negotiations, such as better dairy provisions for our producers to access Canadian markets, and that bipartisan infrastructure spending invests in our roads, bridges, locks and dams and rural broadband. I fight for pro-growth tax policies to boost economic vitality in communities across Iowa, enable family farms and family-owned small businesses to pass their livelihoods from one generation to the next and empower moms and dads to save, invest and spend their hard-earned money as they see fit.

As a taxpayer watchdog, I’ll continue strengthening my fraud-fighting amendments that have helped recover $64 billion to the Federal Treasury. Congressional oversight is as important as writing legislation to hold government accountable. With my re-election announcement, I’m glad to put the Pentagon, FBI, EPA, Department of Justice and Homeland Security on notice. As long as I’m serving Iowans in the U.S. Senate, I’ll keep hunting down waste, mismanagement and wrongdoing that rips off the taxpayer, puts young Olympic athletes in harm’s way, undermines biofuels policy and invites lawlessness at our southern border. I’ll keep working as hard as ever to uphold the Second Amendment, Back the Blue and strengthen our military to keep our families, neighborhoods and country safe.

My legislative priorities include reducing the costs of prescription drugs, ensuring the livestock markets deliver fair prices for our cattle producers and consumers and stopping the reckless tax and spending spree that would transform America as we know it and crush the next generation with massive debt. I’m running for re-election because there’s more work to do for you.

Chuck Grassley of New Hartford has served Iowans in the U.S. Senate since 1981.

Joni Ernst: Iowa needs Chuck Grassley now more than ever

Returning Chuck Grassley to the U.S. Senate is good for the taxpayer, better for good government, and hands down what’s best for Iowa.

Joni Ernst Guest columnist

As the first female combat veteran elected to the United States Senate, I brought battleground experience to Washington that helped me navigate the partisan arrows and regional skirmishes that divide lawmakers into different camps depending on the issue.

My experience as a county auditor and state legislator informed my approach for listening to folks at home and understanding their problems. As a commanding officer, my leadership skills were sharpened to trust my instincts and analyze every angle of a challenge to complete the mission.

My life experience growing up on a small family farm in southwest Iowa taught me the dignity of hard work and about the challenges our farmers face to put food on the table and provide for families. When I got to the policy-making tables in the U.S. Senate, I was ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work, just as I'd learned in my early days on the farm. 

After taking my oath of office in 2015, I had the benefit of a not-so-secret weapon for success. The senior senator from Iowa was, hands down, my boots-on-the-ground mentor and go-to sounding board and resource. Chuck Grassley is a highly respected leader on both sides of the aisle whose legislative expertise is invaluable, especially on issues critical to our home state of Iowa. No one has a deeper understanding of Senate rules, processes, and procedures. He can get into the weeds of tax, trade, and health care policies and understands how proposed changes in law would hurt or help Iowa farms, small businesses, and health care providers. 

Chuck’s not looking for a sound bite when he sinks his teeth into complex issues that are important to Iowans, like obscure funding formulas that impact Iowa’s share of highway dollars and resources for block grants for law enforcement, domestic violence, and foster care. Chuck Grassley carries institutional knowledge of public policy with an uncommon understanding of how antitrust and livestock reporting laws impact cattle prices or how patent reforms would unlock savings on prescription medicine for our seniors. 

His grasp of renewable energy policies is second to none. When folks try to mess with the Renewable Fuel Standard, they immediately learn what locking horns with an Iowa farmer feels like. Chuck knows how important homegrown renewable energy is for the environment and our economy. We worked side by side this year to press the USDA to deliver much-needed pandemic relief for biofuels producers. Now we’re standing shoulder to shoulder to make sure the Biden administration doesn’t leave biofuel behind with its agenda to push electric vehicles. 

Iowans have come to count on Chuck Grassley for good reason. He’s a leader of integrity and decency who’s hard-wired to work. This year, he completed his 41st annual 99-county tour of our state. His incomparable determination to connect with Iowans has developed robust civic participation and engagement among people in our state from all walks of life. For the past seven years, I’ve been proud to carry on this same tradition. The "full Grassley" helps us bring kitchen table issues to the policy table and make a real difference for Iowans.

I’m thrilled Chuck Grassley is running for re-election because we have more important work to do here in the U.S. Senate. For example, we’re working on bipartisan legislation to reform how the military handles sexual assault crimes, cut prescription drug costs, and expand biofuel access for clean energy solutions in America.

Returning Chuck Grassley to the U.S. Senate is good for the taxpayer, better for good government, and hands down what’s best for Iowa. Iowans count on Chuck Grassley. He's my partner and my biggest champion, and I need him back in the Senate. Our great country needs him now more than ever to hold the line on the Democrats’ reckless spending spree and stop socialism from destroying the American Dream.

Joni Ernst, from Red Oak, Iowa, is the first female combat veteran elected to the Senate.

Column: Chuck Grassley knows Iowa

Mariannette Miller-Meeks

The once-a-century pandemic has turned our lives upside down for nearly two years. COVID-19 disrupted everything under the sun. Our health care systems, food supply chains, classrooms and the entire economy are still in recovery mode.

Iowa is responding to this public health and economic crisis the way we’ve always faced our challenges. Iowans don’t give up or give in. We give it all we’ve got. We’re fortunate to have the strong and steady hand of seasoned leadership to help us weather the storm and come out stronger than ever. Iowans were in good hands with our senior senator at the helm of key policy-making tables in the U.S. Senate, delivering bipartisan pandemic relief when it was needed most.

As then-chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Chuck Grassley led efforts last year to deliver financial lifelines to unemployed workers through enhanced unemployment benefits, to small businesses with forgivable loans, to student borrowers with loan deferrals, and to households to help make ends meet with two rounds of stimulus checks.

In addition to getting pandemic relief assistance for our family farmers and personal protective equipment (PPE) to health care providers, Senator Grassley supported the urgent need to ramp up vaccine development, production and distribution. Under the Trump administration, Operation Warp Speed delivered COVID-19 vaccines in record time.

As a physician and former director of the Iowa Department of Public Health, I’m acutely aware of the crucial importance and challenge to raise public awareness and foster public trust about vaccines. Senator Grassley is keenly aware of the leadership role and connections he has with Iowans across our state. He’s held county meetings in all 99 counties every year for 41 years in a row. The guy knows Iowa like the back of his hand. He’s got his finger on the public pulse and wisely leverages that leadership to encourage Iowans to protect themselves and their families.

Last November before Thanksgiving, Senator Grassley tested positive for COVID-19. Even though it meant he would break a historic 27-year voting streak, he did the right thing and isolated for 14 days to protect his Senate colleagues, staff and Capitol police. Like always, Chuck puts others first. He’s a tireless work horse who never quits. When the FDA gave the green light for the vaccines, we’ve actively encouraged Iowans to get vaccinated and to talk to their health care provider about questions or concerns they have. I’ve held vaccination clinics in all 24 counties here in the second congressional district.

Representing Iowans is a privilege and a responsibility. No one understands that better than Chuck Grassley. He works to make sure the government works for us, not the other way around. In fact, there’s good reason Iowans favor Chuck Grassley far and away above President Biden in the most recent Iowa Poll. The Biden administration’s mask and vaccine mandates are deeply polarizing in a moment when we need communities to come together to get this pandemic behind us.

I’m thrilled Senator Grassley has decided to run for re-election to continue serving Iowa. He’s done so much for our state’s economy and Iowans count on him for his effective leadership. He brings Midwestern common sense to Washington that cuts through the nonsense that gets in the way of the people’s business.

Iowans trust Chuck because he’s honest. When the Democrats tried pulling the wool over our eyes and disguise cradle-to-grave social welfare spending as "human infrastructure," Chuck Grassley would have none of it. When the Democrats didn’t want to take responsibility for raising the debt ceiling, he called their bluff. If they want to pour gasoline on the fires of inflation with reckless spending, they ought to have the guts to lift the cap on the debt all on their own. Senator Grassley doesn’t mince words or cave to partisan shenanigans. Iowans remember his no-nonsense approach to the Kavanaugh hearings. No one railroads Chuck Grassley. He’s got the policy chops and a servant’s heart that are exactly what Iowa needs.

With much enthusiasm, I endorse Chuck Grassley for re-election and look forward to hitting the campaign trail together to again win the support of Iowans and continue to represent their voices in the nation’s capital.

U.S. Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, a Republican, represents Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District.

Avalanche of Endorsements Roll in from Iowa Leaders 

For Immediate Release
Friday, September 24, 2021

Avalanche of Endorsements Roll in from Iowa Leaders 

Ernst, Reynolds, Miller-Meeks, Hinson, Feenstra, Gregg, Naig, Pate Endorse Grassley on Re-Election Campaign Announcement Day 

BUTLER COUNTY, IOWA — Iowa’s top elected officials today endorsed Sen. Chuck Grassley of New Hartford shortly after he announced his campaign for re-election and hit the trail running. The strong showing of support from every federal and statewide GOP official is a testament to Grassley’s leadership and unparalleled work on behalf of Iowans.
“Every day, we’re working together as a team to deliver results for Iowans. I’m grateful to serve alongside these dedicated public servants,” Grassley said.
Sen. Joni Ernst: There’s no one I’d rather serve the people of #Iowa with. #GrassleyRuns, @GrassleyWorks, & #GrassleyDelivers—and Iowans know it. I’m with Chuck!
Gov. Kim Reynolds: #GrassleyWorks and delivers for Iowa every single day. I am so proud to support his campaign for another term in the United States Senate!
Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks: I’m proud to support Chuck Grassley for re-election! I have seen up close his tremendous work ethic and his never-quit attitude. We need that now more than ever in the US Senate!
Rep. Ashley Hinson: I’m all in for @GrassleyWorks and am behind him 100 percent for his re-election campaign! Let's keep Iowa red and Abby Finkenauer out of the United States Senate.
Rep. Randy Feenstra: I’m proud to endorse my friend @GrassleyWorks for re-election. Now, more than ever, we need Senator Grassley fighting for our families, farmers and rural main streets in the Senate. Together we will deliver results for Iowa! #Grassleyworks
Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg: @ChuckGrassley is the gold standard of service in the Senate and continues to show up every day for his constituents. I’m proud to support his re-election. Thank you Senator!
Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig: This is such great news. The people of Iowa need a strong voice for agriculture and rural communities in the United State Senate, and that’s exactly what you get with @ChuckGrassley 
Secretary of State Paul Pate: Proud to call Chuck Grassley a friend and have him represent me in the U.S. Senate. I'd congratulate him on running but running is part of his regular morning routine. #GrassleyWorks for Iowa.