49 Members of Iowa House Endorse Chuck Grassley for Re-Election

“Iowans Count On Senator Chuck Grassley”

“We Endorse Chuck Grassley Because The Senator We Need Is The Senator We’ve Got”

DES MOINES – 49 Members of the Iowa House of Representatives today endorsed Senator Chuck Grassley for re-election to the United States Senate.

In their endorsement statement, the public servants cited Grassley’s history of serving in the Iowa House, his deep ties to Iowa agriculture, his record as an effective and bipartisan leader, and his work on biofuels, rural health care access, wind energy, taxpayer protection, economic growth and anti-inflation policy.

“I’m grateful for the support of these dedicated public servants and fellow Iowans who like me work every day to improve our schools, communities and local economies,” Grassley said. “It’s an honor to receive such resounding support from our state leaders. They are my partners on the state-level as we work to tamp down inflation, create jobs, keep our families safe and secure and make a better life for all Iowans.”

The full endorsement statement and list of signatories can be found below and here.

As members of the Iowa House of Representatives, we support Chuck Grassley for reelection to the U.S. Senate.

Iowans count on Senator Chuck Grassley. He’s a lifelong family farmer from Butler County. Iowa farmers never retire and Chuck Grassley never calls it quits.

As one of the youngest legislators ever to serve in the Iowa State House, he’s now a senior statesman and mentor to many of us.

Grassley was named the “most effective” lawmaker, has the best attendance record and longest consecutive voting streak in the U.S. Senate.

A committed leader for Rural America, Chuck Grassley is the go-to lawmaker to:
*keep our hometown hospitals open;
*give Iowa agriculture a voice at the policymaking tables;
*spearhead the fight for Iowa’s renewable energy jobs, from wind energy to biofuels;
*make the government work for us, not the other way around.

A watchdog against government waste, the Grassley amendments to the False Claims Act are responsible for recovering $64 billion to the federal treasury since 1986, and counting.

Taxpayers are protected every time Grassley safeguards this law from special interests out to gut it.

In Grassley’s first campaign for Congress, he ran as The Inflation Fighter. A tight-fisted fiscal conservative, Iowans trust Chuck to protect taxpayer dollars and grow the economy. We need Chuck now more than ever to stop the reckless tax-and-spend agenda of the Biden administration.

President Biden wants the federal government to control our lives and livelihoods with cradle-to-grave entitlements. Nancy Pelosi is “working feverishly” to transform America. Not on Chuck’s watch. Chuck Grassley is a champion for freedom. He’s not calling it quits because he’s fighting for the next generation to enjoy the American Dream and our way of life.

We endorse Chuck Grassley because the senator we need is the senator we’ve got.


Speaker Pat Grassley

Majority Leader Matt Windschitl

Speaker Pro Tem John Wills

Majority Whip Mike Sexton

Representative Rob Bacon

Representative Michael Bergan

Representative Brian Best

Representative Jane Bloomingdale

Representative Jacob Bossman

Representative Michael Bousselot

Representative Steven Bradley

Representative Dennis Bush

Representative Holly Brink

Representative Dave Deyoe

Representative Cecil Dolecheck

Representative Jon Dunwell

Representative Dean Fisher

Representative Joel Fry

Representative Garrett Gobble

Representative Tom Gerhold

Representative Martin Graber

Representative Stan Gustafson

Representative Lee Hein

Representative Dustin Hite

Representative Steven Holt

Representative Chad Ingels

Representative Tom Jeneary

Representative Megan Jones

Representative Bobby Kaufmann

Representative David Kerr

Representative Jarad Klein

Representative Shannon Latham

Representative Brian Lohse

Representative Shannon Lundgren

Representative David Maxwell

Representative Charlie McClintock

Representative Ann Meyer

Representative Joe Mitchell

Representative Gary Mohr

Representative Norlin Mommsen

Representative Thomas Moore

Representative Carter Nordman

Representative Ross Paustian

Representative Brent Siegrist

Representative Ray Sorensen

Representative Henry Stone

Representative Phil Thompson

Representative Jon Thorup

Representative Gary Worthan