Biden and Franken in Lockstep Against Iowa Agriculture

WEST DES MOINES — The Washington Post reported today that while President Joe Biden publicly supported farmers at an event in Iowa, he was privately dismissing Iowa farmers back in Washington, D.C. To help Americans who are paying $5 gas or higher due to Biden’s disastrous energy policies, Senator Chuck Grassley has pushed the Biden administration to expand E-15 sales year-round. While Iowa farmers and the 43,000 biofuel workers in Iowa are producing homegrown energy to help ease pain at the pump and restore U.S. energy independence, Biden and Mike Franken have made it clear they do not stand with Iowa agriculture. 

“President Biden’s Jekyll and Hyde routine is insulting to Iowans. While Iowa farmers work day in and day out to help solve the energy crisis Biden created, the president is treating them as a photo op in public and throwing them under the bus behind closed doors. Add this to the long list of issues where Mike Franken marches in lockstep with Joe Biden. Franken has made clear his opposition to making year-round E-15 permanent policy proving he is no friend to Iowa farmers,” Grassley Works Communications Director Michaela Sundermann said. 

Fortunately, Iowans have a champion for agriculture and biofuels in Senator Chuck Grassley. The Iowa Farm Bureau and leaders of every major farm group have endorsed Grassley’s re-election because no one fights harder for rural America.