Biden’s Failures Endorsed by Franken Cost Iowa Jobs

WEST DES MOINES – Grassley Works Communications Director Michaela Sundermann released the following statement after reporting by The Des Moines Register shows how President Biden’s disastrous inflationary policies—endorsed by Democrat Mike Franken—are costing jobs in Iowa. 

“Today, inflation hit a new 40-year high, and it’s not only hurting Iowans’ pocketbooks, it’s now costing Iowa jobs. Mike Franken has praised President Biden and said he’s doing a ‘fabulous‘ job as president. There is nothing ‘fabulous’ about Iowans losing out on jobs and paychecks or being unable to afford gas or groceries. It goes to show that Mike Franken is not fit for the job of U.S. Senator and that he lacks the judgment, foresight and leadership needed to put the U.S. economy back on track. Franken puts liberal ideology ahead of what’s best for Iowa families. Senator Chuck Grassley is the only candidate in this race who will fight inflation and stand up to the Biden administration to fight for Iowans and their livelihoods.” 

  • Iowa Premium has “indefinitely paused” construction of its new factory causing Tama to lose out on 400 jobs and Iowa cattle producers to lose another chance to process more beef here in Iowa. The company cited the increase in construction costs. 
  • Also citing increases in construction costs, the Des Moines pro soccer stadium will be delayed by at least a year. 

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