CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Mike Franken Exposed for Doublespeak 

As Election Day nears, the Grassley Works campaign today announced a content-rich update on the website to help inform Iowa voters about Senator Chuck Grassley’s Democrat opponent. As the content shows, Mike Franken says one thing, but means entirely something else when he proclaims he would put “People Over Politics,” for example. The website update brings awareness to Franken’s doublespeak and substantiates that Franken is too extreme to represent the views and values of Iowans.

The four new pages are: 

  • Too Extreme for Iowa — Mike Franken is the most liberal nominee for the U.S. Senate in Iowa history. He wants the federal government to take over our healthcare system, dictate school curriculum from Washington, tell farmers how to farm and “re-apportion” police funding. Iowans cannot afford Mike Franken and his extreme agenda.
  • Politics Over People — Mike Franken repeatedly claims he would put “People Over Politics,” but his actual mission is caught on camera as he repeatedly tells supporters that his “first priority” is getting Democrats elected “from the school board on up.”  
  • Not Iowa Nice — Mike Franken has a pattern of disrespect toward anyone who disagrees with him. From bad-mouthing rural Iowans, disparaging Iowa’s female elected leaders, and mocking Republicans, Mike Franken’s true colors show he is not Iowa nice.
  • Unsenatorial — Mike Franken’s discourtesy and disrespect extends to Republican elected leaders in the U.S. Senate, including contempt for the decades of public service of his opponent Chuck Grassley. Most recently, Franken double-downed on his position condoning violence toward Sen. Rand Paul. He also disparaged the military service of a fellow veteran Sen. Lindsey Graham.

“Mike Franken’s extreme political agenda proves how out of touch he is with Iowans. His insolence towards Iowans makes him unfit to represent the people of Iowa and his brazen praise for violence towards a sitting U.S. Senator disqualifies him for public office,” Grassley Works Communications Director Michaela Sundermann said. 

This is the second time this week that Mike Franken is being exposed for his hypocrisy. His “Country Over Party” slogan was debunked after he doubled down on supporting political violence and lashed out when national figures called him out for his reckless statements. 

The web pages will continually be updated throughout the rest of the campaign.