Chuck Grassley Encourages Republicans to Get Out & VOTE June 7

WEST DES MOINES — Today, Senator Chuck Grassley encouraged Republicans to get out and vote in Tuesday’s primary election. Grassley attended a “Gearing Up for Grassley” event in Mason City with the Northern Iowa Republican Women and the North Central Iowa Young Republicans and a “Get-Out-The-Vote Rally” in West Des Moines with Governor Kim Reynolds.

Grassley stressed the importance of turning out for Republicans up and down the ballot to ensure Republicans win back the majority in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

“But in that position of being in the majority —whether it’s just Chuck Grassley or whether it’s all the Republicans that are going to be setting the agenda for the United States Senate— it’s going to give us the ability to overcome the bad policies of this administration,” Grassley said.

Grassley continued, “Whether it’s the inflation that I hear about at my county meetings … the highest in 40 years, or whether it’s the high gas prices that cause about half of that inflation, or whether it’s the open borders where this president has not enforced our laws … with a Republican Congress, we are able to overcome those policies.”

Reynolds emphasized why Grassley is so effective for Iowa and expressed her strong support for his re-election. 

Reynolds said, “Not only is he working hard in D.C., but he’s home every weekend and he’s traveling the state. He’s doing the ‘Full Grassley.’ He’s got all of us doing the ‘Full Grassley’ because it’s a really important thing to do— to get out there and talk to Iowans.”

“I think it’s really critical—especially what we’ve seen over the last 18 months— that we have that experience and that expertise in Washington, D.C.” Reynolds encouraged Iowans to join her and vote for Grassley on Tuesday.