FACT CHECK: Franken Pushes Conspiracy Theory

Grassley works to protect our democracy. 

  • Senator Chuck Grassley condemned the attack on the Capitol in a public statement on January 6 and supported counting all of the electoral votes. 
  • Grassley said that those who broke the law should be held accountable during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in March of 2021, and that our laws should be enforced fairly.
  • He was part of a bipartisan, multi-committee inquiry examining the Capitol breach and he conducted bipartisan oversight of the FBI’s response to the attack. 
  • Grassley affirmed now-President Joe Biden’s win in December of 2020 following the Constitutionally required elector process.
  • Grassley is co-sponsoring the Bipartisan Electoral Count Act, which would clarify the ministerial role of the Vice President when counting electoral ballots.

Mike Franken continues to peddle conspiracy theories that have been widely debunked by members of his own party and the media.

  • New York Times writer Nic Fandos and Washington Post writer Aaron Blake added critical missing context to a misleading Roll Call tweet, which a former Obama administration staffer called on Roll Call to delete in real-time to combat the fake news from which this conspiracy theory started.
  • That hasn’t stopped Franken from exploiting disinformation to mislead Iowans.
  • What’s more interesting about this fake attack is Franken’s motive behind spreading this conspiracy theory: Is he intentionally lying to voters? Or is he truly that lazy that he doesn’t do his homework?