Finkenauer silent on banning the importation of oil from Russia

“Ex-Rep. Abby Finkenauer worked for Joe Biden in 2008 and was an early endorser of his presidential campaign in 2020. However, she’s been silent on Biden’s failures on Ukraine and domestic energy policy,” said Grassley Works senior advisor Jennifer Heins.
“Iowa families are taking a major hit to their budgets with 40-year high inflation and soaring gas prices. Ex-Rep. Abby Finkenauer is absent on the issues of banning Russian oil imports and increasing domestic energy production to lower gas prices.
“Chuck Grassley was one of the first elected leaders to call on the Biden administration to ban Russian oil and reverse its disastrous energy policies that have made America dependent on foreign sources of energy. Grassley has repeatedly called for a return to energy independence by resuming construction of the XL pipeline, drilling on federal lands and bolstering use of homegrown biofuels.
“Iowa families deserve a leader who will speak out against a sick dictator like Putin and advocate for policies that bring energy production home to America’s heartland rather than going hat in hand to OPEC or other anti-American dictators like those in Venezuela and Iran.”