Finkenauer Supports Abortions Up Until Birth
Will Franken and Hurst?

WEST DES MOINES — Grassley Works Communications Director Michaela Sundermann released the following statement regarding the vote today by Senate Democrats to solidify their extremist agenda into law by superceding state law and codifying and expanding Roe vs. Wade.

“Democrats will stop at nothing to ensure their extremist views are enacted into law. Look no further than the bill in front of the U.S. Senate today — The Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act — which allows pregnancies to be terminated from conception to birth. Abby Finkenauer shared her support for this radical bill. Iowans deserve to know if Mike Franken and Glenn Hurst would also vote for abortion on demand through all nine months. The stakes could not be higher in November to re-elect Senator Grassley and make sure Republicans win back the Senate majority. It’s a matter of life or death for the unborn. Chuck Grassley stands for life.”