Franken Becomes Most Liberal Iowa Democrat Nominee In History

WEST DES MOINES – Grassley Works Communications Director Michaela Sundermann released the following statement regarding Mike Franken securing the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate:

“President Biden had his way and look what happened: soaring gas and grocery prices, 40-year high inflation, and a crisis on our southern border. Mike Franken will just be another yes-man for Biden’s radical liberal policies that put America on the wrong track.

“Mike Franken will be the most liberal nominee in Iowa Senate history. His politics align with his old boss Ted Kennedy and with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, not Iowans. He’s for higher taxes, government-run health care, and socialist drug pricing plans. He supports open borders, lawlessness in our cities and on our borders. He endorsed Biden’s reckless spending spree and policies, resulting in record-high gas and grocery prices and historic inflation across the board. Franken hasn’t spent a lot of time in Iowa, so he’s got a lot to learn. Iowans will soon find out just how radical, out of touch, and hyperpartisan Mike Franken is.

“When it comes to advocating for Iowans, Chuck Grassley is the leader Iowa needs. He will stand up to the Biden administration and stand firm fighting for Iowans.”