Franken Doubles Down on Support for Biden, Says Biden Doing a “Great Job”

WEST DES MOINES — In an interview with CBS News’ Robert Costa, Democrat Senate candidate Mike Franken doubled down on his support for President Biden, saying “he is doing a great job.” Franken previously said Biden is doing a “fabulous job” as president. Biden remains deeply unpopular among Iowans according to every public poll.

Michaela Sundermann, Grassley Works Communications Director, released the following statement.

“Mike Franken’s unwavering support for President Biden shows a lack of judgment and a real disconnect with Iowans, who are struggling under 40-year high inflation, unaffordable rent, grocery, and energy prices, and skyrocketing fentanyl deaths due to an open border. Mortgage rates are up, consumer confidence is down. Crime is sweeping the nation and retirement savings are dropping. And Mike Franken thinks that’s a-okay. It’s not. President Biden has failed to deliver on his promise to unite the country and instead is presiding over further division, recession, and stagflation. Mike Franken would be a rubber stamp for President Biden’s disastrous agenda that is leaving Iowans behind.”


Costa: What about President Biden? Do you want him to come to Iowa in the final lap of your campaign and help you out?

Franken: He is a busy fella and I’m ever so happy. I have gone on record saying that he is doing a great job and he has pushed through some landmark legislation, but at this stage, I want him to do the nation’s business. We’ve got this here in Iowa and I thank him very much for the offer.