Franken is Dangerously Out of Touch with Iowans

WEST DES MOINES — According to public opinion, President Joe Biden receives an “abysmal” 27 percent approval rating from Iowans and 84 percent of Iowans think our country is on the wrong track. Contrary to the overwhelming majority of Iowans, Mike Franken says President Biden is doing a “fabulous” job proving how out of touch Franken is with voters.

Biden’s policies are failing Iowans: 40-year high 9.1% Bidenflation is hammering Iowans with soaring cost of living increases, including grocery and energy prices; open border policies are creating a crisis at our southern border; and the administration’s war on American energy is upending the economy.

“Iowa family budgets are being pinched due to the incompetence and recklessness of the Biden administration. Franken thinks Biden is doing a ‘fabulous’ job and wants Biden to run for re-election. It’s clear Franken is out of touch with Iowa voters and supports a failing economy that’s making it harder for Iowans to get ahead and stay ahead,” Grassley Works Communications Director Michaela Sundermann said.