Franken Says “Any Restrictions” “Not Necessary” on Abortion

WEST DES MOINES — In an interview with CBS News’ Robert Costa, Democrat Senate candidate Mike Franken was asked if he supported “any restriction” for abortion, to which he replied, “not necessary at this stage.”

Michaela Sundermann, Grassley Works Communications Director, released the following statement.

“Mike Franken’s support for unlimited abortion-on-demand up until the last moment before birth, including on minors without parental consent, is shocking and way out of step with Iowans. Senator Grassley is pro-life, and like most Iowans, he supports exceptions for incest, rape, and life of the mother. Mike Franken’s rejection of any commonsense middle ground on the issue is extreme and out of touch with Iowans’ respect for human life.”


Costa: Abortion, Admiral, has been a central issue in this race. Senator Grassley has accused you of supporting unrestricted abortion and not having parental consent as part of that. Let’s have a discussion. Can you clarify your stance on abortion?

Franken: … I believe that a woman has the right in all such matters and what we shouldn’t have is a constitutional lawyer or Chuck Grassley or the federal government or worse yet the state government standing in that maternity ward. Standing on the side of that OBGYN. This is ridiculous and Chuck Grassley, just so we all know, this is his legacy. The most partisan Supreme Court we have had since 1934 compliments of him being fundamentally unfair in his execution of—

Costa: But if a voter came up to you on the trail, Admiral, and said I only have a few seconds sir I just want to know your position on abortion, what would you say?

Franken: I would say, ask the majority of the women in America what they want. Do they want to be treated equal? Or do they want to be treated secondary and let men make the decision for them?

Costa: Any restrictions you want to talk about in detail that you support or don’t support?
Franken: Not necessary at this stage.