Franken Supports Nuking the Filibuster to Enact Democrats’ Extreme Agenda

Franken would fast-track radical abortion expansion, D.C-controlled elections and Green New Deal

WEST DES MOINES — Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Mike Franken would fast-track Democrats’ most extreme agenda items if given the chance. Franken, who is the most liberal nominee for the U.S. Senate in Iowa history, has confessed his support for nuking the filibuster to pass a radical abortion expansion, federalize election laws and enact Green New Deal policies that would destroy Iowa family farms.

The Senate’s 60-vote threshold (the filibuster) exists to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. It is an important tool – one Senator Grassley has fought to protect – that forces compromise and bipartisan solutions. But Mike Franken believes that Congress has had “too much of the minority rules” and wants to “set aside the filibuster for topical topics.”

What are “topical topics,” exactly? According to Mike Franken himself, it means Democrats’ most extreme agenda items.

On Abortion:

The very first topic Franken mentions is abortion, claiming he would nuke the filibuster for “codifying Roe.”

The last time Democrats claimed they were trying to “codify Roe,” the bill went far beyond establishing a nationwide abortion ban. Instead, it would have also struck down state abortion limits, including bans on gender-based abortion, religious exemption protections and parental notification requirements for cases involving minors. Democrats’ so-called attempt to “codify Roe” was so radical that it even received bipartisan opposition in the Senate. 

But Mike Franken would nuke the filibuster to pass the extreme proposal anyway.

On Election Laws:

“Let me see,” Franken continues, “I can list a few more. Oh, voting rights. Absolutely. Voting rights are central to something that must occur.” Franken calls himself a “big fan of the John Lewis voting rights bill” and would nuke the filibuster to take election law away from the states and put it in the hands of Washington politicians.

The bill Franken refers to would federalize election law by forcing states like Iowa to get approval from the federal executive branch – specifically from the Justice Department, where Grassley has exposed political bias – before making election law changes. Additionally, Democrats’ have made clear that their vision for “voting rights” is H.R.1, a deeply unpopular proposal that would allow Iowans’ tax dollars to be spent on political campaigns – even for out of touch coastal liberals like AOC and Nancy Pelosi.

But Mike Franken calls himself a “big fan” of federalizing elections and would nuke the filibuster to supersede states’ rights.

On the Environment:

Franken also says he would nuke the filibuster because “there are some environmental situations which we need to enact.”

Franken has been endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters, a radical environmental group that has embraced the Green New Deal. Both the American Farm Bureau and U.S. Chamber of Commerce have warned Iowa voters that the so-called Green New Deal would create “massive government intervention” for farmers. It would turn Iowa’s economy on its head, increasing input costs for producers and raising prices at the grocery store even more for consumers. Franken also supports the Obama-Biden administration’s harmful Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule, which would’ve regulated 97 percent of land in Iowa.

Even though Democrats’ radical environmental agenda would run Iowa’s family farms into the ground, Mike Franken wants to nuke the filibuster to make it happen.

“If Iowa voters still weren’t convinced Mike Franken would be a rubber stamp for Joe Biden’s agenda, they don’t have to look any further. Given the chance, Mike Franken would vote in lockstep with President Biden and try to turn Iowa into liberal California. As the most radical Senate candidate in Iowa history, Iowans will reject Franken on November 8.” – Grassley Works Communications Director Michaela Sundermann.