Galen Institute: Mike Franken’s Healthcare Plan Would Cause “Massive Disruptions”

Millions would lose their current plans and tens of thousands would lose their jobs

WEST DES MOINES — Sen. Chuck Grassley works to keep access to affordable, high-quality care and put Iowans and patients first in our U.S. healthcare system. However, his Democrat opponent Mike Franken wants to abolish private health care in favor of socialized, Big Government healthcare. Mike Franken’s healthcare proposal is to put every American on TRICARE, which is the health insurance benefit for those who serve our country in uniform in the U.S. military. 

Galen Institute President, Grace-Marie Turner, had this to say about Mike Franken’s proposal: “TRICARE for All would mean a government takeover of health care in the United States. It would cause massive disruptions to the health sector, which currently makes up more than one-sixth of the U.S. economy. Those on private health insurance, including more than 1.7 million Iowans, would lose their current plans as they would be forced onto this massive new government program. Many if not most private health insurance companies would be forced out of business, and their nearly 140,000 employees—including many in Iowa—would have to find other ways to support themselves and their families.”

Read the full analysis in Turner’s policy paper here


On Iowa Press hosted by Iowa PBS on June 24, Mike Franken said, “I think we oughta have the type of healthcare that I had in 40 years in the military. So did my family. That permitted us to live this full and really committed life. Preventive, dental, sight. Even for a special needs daughter. However it mutates, into use the various words, the Medicare for all, the single payer, universal, et cetera. However it may become, that’s what every American deserves. We will be a more efficient and a healthier population if we take a clue from the U.S Military and just copy the type of healthcare they provide.”