Grassley Campaign Statement on Trump Visit to Iowa

WEST DES MOINES — Grassley Works Communications Director Michaela Sundermann released the following statement on President Donald Trump’s visit to Iowa next week.

“Senator Grassley takes every opportunity to speak directly to Iowans, and he will continue to highlight President Biden’s failures. Before President Biden took office, inflation was nearly nonexistent, the border was secure, gas prices were at $2.39, and the economy was growing rapidly. Under President Biden, inflation is at a 40-year high, illegal border crossings are breaking records every month, there are historic overdose deaths from the fentanyl crisis, the economy is in recession, and violent crime is surging. Despite this disastrous record, Mike Franken thinks President Biden is doing a ‘fabulous job.’ Senator Grassley encourages Iowans to send a message to President Biden and his rubber stamp Mike Franken on Election Day by voting Republican to get our country back on track.”