Grassley Statement on Historic Win

DES MOINES — Tonight, Senator Chuck Grassley issued the following statement on the election results. 

Thank you, everybody. Thank you for believing in me. I believe in you. I believe in our great state. And I believe in America and its hope and promise of freedom for generations to come.

In our country, we respect, revere, and reflect the voice and will of the people. And the will of the people is sending a message to Washington. Americans want to return to energy independence. Americans want border security. Americans want the political bias out of the Department of Justice and FBI. Americans want our law enforcement supported so they can fight crime in our communities. Americans want the reckless spending to stop. Americans want a strong economy. We’ve been on a fast track to financial disaster. Now it will be a path back to fiscal sanity. We’ll get there by continuing to listen to the wisdom of the American people and Iowa common sense.

Thanks to your trust in me over a long period of time, I’m in a position to do a lot for Iowans. I’ll be number one in the Senate, which means Iowa is number one on the agenda. 

I owe a special thanks, and a whole lot more, to Barbara and my family. Barbara and I have been married for 68 years. She is my partner and number one supporter. I am so blessed to have her by my side. Barbara, my kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids are what keep me going. 

Regardless which party is going to be in the majority in the Senate. Regardless which party controls the White House. I will operate the same way. Always in the best interest of Iowans. That’s what my work for you has always been about and will continue to be.

God Bless Iowa and God Bless America.