Grassley Works Blankets the State with Multimedia Ad Blitz

The Choice is Clear: Grassley Works for Iowa

WEST DES MOINES — One week out from Election Day, the Grassley Works campaign today announced its multimedia advertisement blitz leading up to the November 8 election will continue on radio, print, digital and broadcast platforms across the entire state to inform Iowa voters what’s at stake in this election. 

One of the first advertisements of the general campaign reminded Iowans how Senator Chuck Grassley brings unmatched clout for Iowa and unmatched representation, from his annual 99 county meetings to the best attendance record in history.  

The campaign is leveraging multiple platforms so that Iowa voters know the “choice is clear” between the extremeout of touchagenda of his Democrat opponent and Sen. Grassley’s proven record of bipartisan leadership. Whereas Mike Franken wants to raise taxes while Iowans struggle to pay for gas and groceries, Sen. Grassley is fighting inflation and working to restore American energy independence. 

In addition to a series of advertisements highlighting Mike Franken would be a rubber stamp for President Biden’s disastrous border policies and has a pattern of disrespect and a misogynistic mindset towards Iowa’s female elected leaders, the Grassley Works campaign rolled out a statewide campaign of print advertisements in Iowa newspapers to contrast the clear choice between Sen. Grassley’s common sense leadership with Franken’s extreme agenda. Statewide print advertisements placed in every county also remind voters that Sen. Grassley keeps in touch with Iowans face to face with at least one Q&A in every county for the past 42 consecutive years. 

What’s more, the Grassley Works campaign is blanketing the airwaves on Iowa radio stations from the Missouri to the Mississippi rivers to ensure Sen. Grassley’s unique leadership for Rural America and Iowa agriculture sinks in while Iowans commute to work and while putting in a long day’s work in tractors, combines and trucks. The radio advertisements highlight Sen. Grassley is the only farmer in this race, and when Iowans send him back to the U.S. Senate, he will be at the policy table writing the new Farm Bill. The series of radio advertisements will keep this advantage top-of-mind for Iowans as they cast their vote in the U.S. Senate race. 

“Our message is clear and we’re firing on all cylinders. When Iowans cast their ballots, they will know hands down the Senator we need is the Senator we’ve got. Fortunately for Iowa, Senator Grassley is not done yet,” Grassley Works Communications Director Michaela Sundermann said