Grassley Works Invites Biden to Campaign in Iowa Since Franken Won’t

WEST DES MOINES – In an interview with CBS News’ Robert Costa, Democrat Senate candidate Mike Franken declined to say whether he would like President Biden, who he has said is doing a “fabulous job” and a “great job” as president, to campaign for him in Iowa. Despite being asked repeatedly for a simple “yes” or “no,” Franken refused to say.

Michaela Sundermann, Grassley Works Communications Director, released the following statement.

“The Grassley Works campaign would welcome a visit to Iowa by President Biden. There is no better campaign surrogate for Mike Franken. They are two peas in a pod. Mike Franken has repeatedly said he supports President Biden and that he’s doing a ‘fabulous’ and ‘great’ job as a president. So why wouldn’t Mike Franken join us in encouraging the president to campaign for him in Iowa? The reality is that President Biden has been a disaster for Iowa and the country. And Mike Franken knows it—he’s just too afraid to admit it.”


Costa: What about President Biden? Do you want him to come to Iowa in the final lap of your campaign and help you out?

Franken: He is a busy fella and I’m ever so happy. I have gone on record saying that he is doing a great job and he has pushed through some landmark legislation, but at this stage, I want him to do the nation’s business. We’ve got this here in Iowa and I thank him very much for the offer.

Costa: But you don’t want him to come? Or would you like him to come? Just yes or no? Would you like to see him on the trail with you or not?

Franken: Here is the interesting thing. On the 3rd of November Donald Trump is coming to stump for the Governor and for Chuck Grassley. This is a very interesting thing because his popularity is pummeling [sic] and it seems to me to be a last-ditch effort to grab the last element of the Trumpster segments of the Republican Party, which is not the majority, and you can’t win this election at this state without the independents. And the independents are going my way 2-to-1 and that is kind of the story of this election. That is why he is so troubled and he has to reach for this straw of Donald Trump.