In Honor of National Ag Week, 
Grassley Campaign Gives Ex-Rep. Finkenauer “Cow Pie Award”

WEST DES MOINES, IOWA – In honor of National Agriculture Week, running March 20-26, the Grassley Works Campaign is giving ex-Rep. Abby Finkenauer the “Cow Pie Award” for her disastrous anti-ag policies. The “Cow Pie Award” is given to someone who stinks at supporting Iowa’s family farmers with commonsense agricultural policy.

Ex-Rep. Finkenauer favors the radical agenda of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and AOC (D-NY) above the interests of America’s heartland. She supports policies harmful to American agriculture, including the overreaching Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule, and the double death tax, which would force families wanting to pass down their farm to the next generation to sell off parts of it to pay the tax bill. She’s even touted an endorsement from the radical left League of Conservation of Voters, which supports WOTUS and its federal power grab over private property that would hammer America’s farmers and ranchers with costly regulations.

There is only one candidate in this race with dirt under his fingernails and a sterling record of championing family farms. That’s the farmer from Butler County, Chuck Grassley.

  • Despite numerous Iowans explaining how WOTUS would impede their ability to farm, ex-Rep. Finkenauer vowed to do everything to keep the federal power grab in place. Sen. Grassley has spent years listening to Iowa farmers at his 99 county meetings and fighting for them in Congress and the Oval Office. The federal government has no place overregulating family farms that feed and fuel the world. Now that the Biden administration is taking cues from the Obama administration’s playbook, Sen. Grassley has renewed his battle to ensure family farmers prevail against ex-Rep. Finkenauer’s Democrat party bosses. 
  • Let’s not forget. The Democrats’ reckless agenda would have reinstated the death tax on more farm families and enacted a new death tax on top of the existing estate tax. Sen. Grassley worked tirelessly to ensure this disastrous policy didn’t see the light of day. Notably, ex-Rep. Finkenauer doubled down on President Biden’s plan and refused to call out her party bosses on the issue.  
  • There’s also the liberal grab bag in the Green New Deal, which would overhaul the farm economy to favor far-Left environmentalists and Big Government. Ex-Rep. Finkenauer praised the Green New Deal, favorably calling it “creative.” News flash: Finkenauer’s “creative” masterpiece would devastate the livelihoods of farm families and disrupt their way of life.   

Understandably, Iowans voted ex-Rep. Finkenauer out of office after just one term before she could cause any more damage to the livelihoods of more than 85,000 farm families.

Time and again, crop and livestock producers across Iowa have endorsed and supported Sen. Grassley. There’s no bigger champion or effective leader for Iowa agriculture. As one of only two grain farmers in the U.S. Senate, Sen. Grassley is the voice of American agriculture in the Senate. He’s fought for price transparency in the cattle market, worked to increase rural broadband, expanded access to rural healthcare, served as the voice of the family farmer during the farm bill negotiations, secured tax relief for farmers in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and as Finance Committee chairman, steered passage of the USMCA to expand markets for farm commodities.

Make no mistake. Iowans have a heavyweight champion for the family farmer in Sen. Grassley and his beefy record proves it. At least ex-Rep. Finkenauer has the “Cow Pie Award” to keep her company.