Mike Franken Slammed for Doubling Down on Political Violence 

Rand Paul is criticizing Iowa Senate Democratic candidate Mike Franken for supporting a 2017 assault on the Kentucky senator in a previous tweet.


“What’s happening: Sen. Rand Paul is rebuking Iowa Democratic Senate candidate Mike Franken’s past comments that a neighbor who attacked the Kentucky Republican was ‘more than a little in the right.'”

“Paul’s response: The lawmaker called Franken’s comments ‘disgusting’ on Wednesday and said they should ‘disqualify Franken from holding ANY office.'”

Rand Paul rips Democratic Iowa Senate nominee for mocking attack by neighbor
Zach Schonfeld | The Hill

“Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Tuesday called for Iowa Democratic Senate nominee Mike Franken to be disqualified for his tweet last year mocking a 2017 physical attack by Paul’s neighbor.”

“Michaela Sundermann, communications director for the Grassley campaign, in a statement on Wednesday said, ‘Mike Franken’s support for violence makes him unfit for public office.'”

Rand Paul calls for disqualification of a Democratic Senate candidate over past jokes about the Kentucky Republican’s broken rib from a violent neighbor
Warren Rojas | Business Insider

“Colleague and likely 2024 presidential contender Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas concurred, condemning Franken’s ‘alarming behavior’ and urging Iowans to return Grassley to Washington, DC for an historic eighth term.”

Iowa Senate candidate said neighbor who assaulted Rand Paul was ‘in the right’
Julia Johnson | Washington Examiner

“Just two weeks ahead of the midterm elections, it was discovered that an Iowa Senate candidate previously supported the violent assault of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), which resulted in several injuries.”

“A nonremorseful Franken responded to Paul, saying, ‘I spent 40 years defending this country from complete a******s. I’m not done just because I retired from the Navy. And I’m not going to be lectured to by an insurrectionist.'” 

Franken received widespread backlash on Twitter: