Mike Franken Wants to Make Iowa Liberal Like California

WEST DES MOINES — Today, the Grassley Works campaign launched a new advertising campaign reminding Iowans that Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Mike Franken doesn’t want to represent Iowa; he wants to change us. This digital advertisement is the latest campaign by Grassley Works exposing Mike Franken for his disrespect for our state and the people who live here

The ad highlights that Iowa is the number one state for opportunity. Iowa has lower taxes, lower cost of living, less crime, and better air quality. Compare that to California, which has rolling blackouts, rampant crime, the highest gas prices in the country, and the most homelessness. 

“Iowa is the best state in the nation. Mike Franken’s priorities are wrong for Iowa. His comments tell Iowans exactly where his priorities are: with his liberal backers on the coasts rather than with the hardworking people of Iowa. Mike Franken doesn’t want to represent us; he wants to change us,” Grassley Works Communications Director Michaela Sundermann said. 

Fox News was first to report on the video of Mike Franken stating he wanted to make Iowa liberal like California. Local media highlighted the flaws in Franken’s plan as California’s policies would harm Iowa’s industries and economy and quality of life.