Sen. Rand Paul Condemns Franken’s Support for Violence

WEST DES MOINES — Kentucky Senator Rand Paul condemned Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Mike Franken’s support for the violent attack which nearly killed Paul. Paul brought Franken’s tweet to light this week and said the tweet should “disqualify Franken from holding any office.” He also called on Franken to apologize. 

In the video, Paul said, “Mike Franken should frankly apologize. He should be ashamed of himself. He celebrated and justified an assault that nearly killed me. I was struck from behind, one blow, while wearing noise-cancellation headphones. I didn’t hear my assailant coming. The one hit was so hard that I broke six ribs. My lung was permanently damaged, and I spent time in the hospital. I ultimately had to have part of my lung removed, and Mike Franken thinks that is funny. He thinks it is justified and personally, I think it should exclude him from holding any government office.”