Senator Grassley introducing bill to protect taxpayers from IRS

By Matt Kelley – Radio Iowa – Friday, June 16, 2015

Recent incidents involving mismanagement and inappropriate conduct by employees at the Internal Revenue Service have shaken what little confidence taxpayers had in the agency, according to Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley.

“This afternoon, I will announce the introduction of a bill aimed at insuring that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect taxpayers’ rights by preventing IRS abuses,” Grassley says. The IRS has never been and never will be an agency anyone is glad to hear from, but Grassley says taxpayers should at least have the piece of mind they’ll be getting a “fair shake” if there’s an issue.

The new bill is needed, he says. “The legislation has new taxpayer protections,” Grassley says. “It also updates and strengthens several provisions enacted in prior Taxpayer Bill of Rights bills.”

The legislation sends a clear message, Grassley says, that poor service from the IRS won’t be tolerated