Setting the Record Straight: Carlin’s False Claims about Vaccine Passports

Jim Carlin’s Claim: Senator Chuck Grassley “supported vaccination passports.” 

Setting the Record Straight: The truth is Senator Grassley does not support vaccine passports, and the federal government has no authority to implement a comprehensive vaccine passport. Don’t let Jim Carlin mislead you. His claim is false. Senator Grassley has voted seven times to end mandates. He also voted to end the National Emergency Declaration. You can learn more about each piece of legislation by clicking on the bill numbers below.

Senator Grassley’s Votes to End Federal Mandates; each of the Following Passed the U.S. Senate:

  • S.J.Res.29, 2021
    • A resolution to stop Biden’s vaccine mandates on privately owned businesses
    • Grassley was a cosponsor
  • S.J.Res.32, 2021
    • A resolution to stop Biden’s vaccine mandate on health care workers
    • Grassley was a cosponsor
  • S.J.Res.37, 2022
    • A resolution to end Biden’s mask mandates on public transportation and airplanes
  • S.J.Res.39, 2022
    • A resolution to end Biden’s mask mandates in Head Start facilities 
  • End the COVID-19 National Emergency Declaration, 2022
    • After more than two years, half of the states have ended their emergency orders, including Iowa. It’s time for the federal government to follow suit. The resolution passed the Senate 48 to 47, and now the legislation is being held in limbo by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Senator Grassley’s Votes to Stop Federal Funds from Enforcing Vaccine Mandates: