Trump & Pence Praise Grassley’s Conservative Leadership

CRESTON – Senator Chuck Grassley attended the Republican Party of Iowa’s 2022 District Conventions today held in Carroll and Creston. During his remarks, Grassley spoke about President Biden’s dangerous agenda, including lawlessness at the border and the Biden administration’s energy policies driving up prices at the pump.

“President Biden’s agenda is steering our country way off course,” Grassley said. “With soaring inflation and an open border, our country is paying the price.”

Grassley emphasized that a Senate controlled by a Republican majority ensures he would be the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and president pro tempore. 

“My seniority will be a check on the Biden agenda and continue to be a powerful voice for you and a powerful voice for Iowa,” Grassley said. 

Vice President Mike Pence attended the District Conventions held in Carroll and Independence.

In his remarks, Pence reiterated his support for Grassley. Pence said, “[Chuck Grassley] is a blistering conservative, who leaned into the fight. In my time as Vice President, when I was president of the Senate, there was no more courageous or principled conservative than Chuck Grassley. Thank you for standing up for Iowa.”

Republicans at all four District Conventions watched filmed remarks from President Donald Trump. Trump said, “Senator Grassley is a legend. He is an amazing man. He’s a winner in every way.” 

Trump also reiterated his complete and total endorsement of Grassley’s re-election campaign.