What Iowans Are Saying: Franken’s Plan for Government-Run Health Care Would “Devastate” Rural Communities & Harm Access to Care

WEST DES MOINES — Mike Franken has proposed that all Americans should be forced on 100 percent government-run healthcare. Galen Institute President, Grace-Marie Turner, said Franken’s plan would cause “massive disruptions” and kick nearly 1.8 million Iowans off their insurance. Additionally, this would force hospitals, health care practices and facilities to close, especially in rural areas. 

Here’s what Iowans have to say about Mike Franken’s radical, big government healthcare plan: 

“As a former hospital CEO of a rural Iowa hospital, I know first-hand how much Senator Grassley fights for rural hospitals and the people we serve. His leadership has been vital in protecting access to critical health care services. Senator Grassley supported St. Anthony Regional Hospital becoming a Rural Community Demonstration hospital and has ensured the program continues. A massive government takeover of health care will devastate rural hospitals and put many out of business, by further eroding the fragile economic conditions we are currently in. The last thing we need Is Mike Franken’s socialist health care policies that will increase wait times, reduce access to rural health care, and devastate rural economies.” — Ed Smith, retired President and CEO of St. Anthony Regional Hospital in Carroll

“As a small business owner, health care providers, and wife to a veteran, I know first-hand how important it is to serve our nation’s military and their families. But TRICARE-for-All is wrong for America. This policy would devastate my small business and guarantee reduced access to care for all Americans including our military families.” — Sandy Norby, physical therapist and CEO/co-founder of Home Town Physical Therapy in Le Mars, Lake Mills, Okoboji, Spencer, and East Village – Des Moines

“TRICARE-for-All sounds good in theory, but it is Medicare-for-All in practice and no single-payer solution is viable. A single-payer system would manage healthcare by taking away competition while instituting price controls. The federal government would dictate treatments, medications, and access to new treatments that Americans would have. It would also reduce reimbursements, access to tertiary healthcare institutions, and result in rationed care and waiting lines.” — Dr. George Kovach, Le Claire

“As a retired dentist and watchdog of taxpayer money, the last thing we need is a socialist takeover of every American’s health care. Make no mistake, TRICARE-for-All or whatever name you give it is another government takeover of health care. We don’t need a one-size-fits-all approach. Mike Franken’s socialized government health plan will close providers, increase wait times, and reduce care.” — State Representative and retired dentist Dr. Tom Jeneary, Le Mars