Former Trump Officials from Iowa Endorse Chuck Grassley

Trump and Grassley “Made America Great Again” “We Need Chuck Now More Read More

Trump Endorses Grassley for Re-Election at Des Moines Rally

Trump: “This is Chuck Grassley’s Night” “A Man Who Truly Loves Read More

RELEASE: Chuck Grassley Narrates Closing Ad: “We’ve Done It Together, But We’re Not Done Yet”

DES MOINES— The Grassley Committee today announced its coalition of Iowa mayors. The coalition is made up of current and former mayors from 101 of Iowa's cities. Read More

RELEASE: What Iowa Newspapers are Saying About Chuck Grassley

"Throughout his long tenure, he has been a consistently effective watchdog on behalf of taxpayers and whistleblowers. Grassley's commitment to constituent service is well known. Even after six Senate terms, Grassley's team still sweats the small stuff on behalf of Iowans who need help." Read More

RELEASE: Grassley Endorsed by Nonpartisan Group No Labels as “Independent Problem Solver”

DES MOINES- Senator Grassley has been endorsed by the nonpartisan group No Labels as an "Independent Problem Solver" for the people of Iowa. According to the organization, No Labels' "Problem Solver Seal of Approval" represents Senator Grassley's commitment to voters to work with both parties to find solutions. Read More

RELEASE: New Ad Featuring Ferris Bueller’s Ben Stein: “Judge?”

DES MOINES – The Grassley Committee today released a new ad contrasting Chuck Grassley's perfect attendance record with Patty Judge's absenteeism that will begin broadcasting across Iowa television stations today. Read More

RELEASE: Grassley’s Hard Work for Iowans Shines Through in Debate

"Tonight, the difference between Iowa's Chuck Grassley and his opponent couldn't have been clearer," said Grassley Works campaign manager Bob Haus. Read More

RELEASE: Grassley Senate Campaign Debate Schedule

DES MOINES— Senator Chuck Grassley will participate in two debates in his campaign to represent Iowa in the United States Senate. Read More

RELEASE: Grassley Committee Challenges Patty Judge to File Campaign Finance Report Electronically

DES MOINES— Senator Chuck Grassley will today become the first candidate for United States Senate in Iowa state history to voluntarily file a campaign finance report electronically with the Federal Election Commission. Senator Grassley has long-supported mandatory electronic campaign finance filing and will today demonstrate his commitment to transparency and accountability in government by voluntarily filing an electronic, searchable online report with the Federal Election Commission in addition to the paper report that is currently required. Read More

RELEASE: Grassley Committee Releases 3rd Quarter Fundraising Report

DES MOINES— The Grassley Committee today released its third quarter FEC report, which covers the period of July 1 to September 30. The report shows $1,856,095 raised in the period, $3.836 million cash on hand, and no debt. Read More