Franken’s Very Bad, No Good Week

This week Mike Franken’s sinking ship took on a lot of water—

  • U.S. Senate Democrat candidate Mike Franken found out he continued to trail Senator Chuck Grassley’s fundraising efforts by $3 million cash on hand. Grassley still holds four times more cash in his war chest, $4 million dollars compared to Franken’s $1 million. 
  • Franken saw national Democrats leave him in the dust while Democrat Senate candidates in battleground states raised tens of millions of dollars. Franken’s numbers reflect just a fraction of what Democrats were investing into Theresa Greenfield’s race at this same point in her unsuccessful challenge to Senator Joni Ernst. 
  • Public opinion in Iowa showed devastating results, with President Joe Biden’s approval rating dropping to a minuscule 27 percent, and only 10 percent of Iowans think the country is headed in the right direction. Iowans are rejecting the Biden-Franken agenda while Franken embraces Biden telling Iowans the president is doing a “fabulous” job. 
  • Franken continued his partisan rhetoric showing a blatant lack of respect for Iowans and all Americans. He said the nation is split into thirds and all Americans are either “apathetic,” “fearful” or “unknowing accomplices to the treasonous.” He encouraged his Twitter followers to confront one another. It doesn’t seem that Franken has much respect for his fellow Americans especially those who disagree with him. 

It’s been a bad week for Franken. Fundraising and public opinion show just how out of touch Joe Biden and Mike Franken are and why Senator Chuck Grassley will sail to re-election. It is going to be a long fall for Franken while lashed to the mast of Biden’s rapidly sinking ship.