THE Inflation Fighter: Democrats Need to “Get in the Real World” on 9.1% Inflation

WEST DES MOINES — Senator Chuck Grassley joined “GMA3: What You Need to Know” on ABC to talk about his work as THE Inflation Fighter to provide Iowans relief from Bidenflation.

“I’m hearing from Iowa families about inflation … it’s costing Iowa families $670 [a month]. Updating the income tax code to reflect this inflation is very important,” Grassley said about his recently introduced legislation. 

Despite seeing a 41-year record high inflation due to President Joe Biden’s bad policies, Grassley’s Democrat opponent Mike Franken said Biden is doing a “fabulous job.” 

“The Democrats don’t want to deal with anything that deals with inflation because they don’t want to admit that there is inflation. It would help if the Democrats would get in the real world on this,” Grassley said. 

Only one person in this race is committed to fighting inflation and the high cost of living that’s hammering Iowa families, seniors, farms and small businesses on Main Street, and that’s Chuck Grassley: THE Inflation Fighter

Grassley’s Family and Community Inflation Relief Act would index tax credits to inflation to help families with rising cost of living.  Grassley also introduced the Middle-Class Savings and Investment Act, which would make it pay to save by expanding the size of the lowest tax bracket (zero) for most middle-class savings and investment income.